Unmask Your Message! (Jory Fisher)

Last night I witnessed “Ready for the Stage” at the “7 Event” in Fairfax, VA—four finalists enthusiastically delivering their life message to a live and “streaming” audience from the very depths of their soul.  Amidst cheers and tears, these gifted speakers commanded the room with their personal stories of purpose, passion, and perseverance.  Inspirational indeed!

It made me think…how many of us are willing to deliver our life message?  How many of us are willing to take off our masks and genuinely share the message we’re meant to bring?  Being authentic is rarely easy, but it’s the stuff of life that truly matters.  Finalist Johnel Barron flunked out of college and hit rock bottom.  But then he managed to dig deep into his core where he found the courage to resume his education and graduate near the top of his class.  Now Johnel travels the country passionately inspiring young students to stay in school, study hard, and follow their dreams. His “Teach Me How to Study Tour” is changing lives…in his words “one student at a time.”  Johnel’s darkest times, his most vulnerable moments, have become his message to the next generation.

Not all of us consider ourselves public speakers.  Seinfeld jokes that people would rather be the corpse than give the eulogy.  But the stage isn’t the only venue for message sharing. We have opportunities each and every day to share bits and pieces of our life story with those who are meant to hear it. I have the good fortune of being a messenger of God’s love, joy, and compassion for His creation.  Each day, through spoken or written word, or even a hug and a smile, I get to spread that message wherever I go.  Though I don’t always take off my mask, for the most part I try to be “authentic Jory”…the Jory who reflects God’s grace because of the grace extended to me.

Unmask Your Message

We all have messages inside us.  Have you ever thought about what message you’re meant to bring?  I encourage you to take a few minutes to ponder that question and, if you would, share your reflections with our readers.

Blessings to you now and always,

Photo by Flickr (Len Matthews)


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