Problems to Friends to Peace (Rev. Larry Davies)

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Every morning, my wife and I read Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. The devotions provide a framework to help us share our daily encounters with God and discuss and pray about what God is doing in our lives. But recently as we read our devotion, we had a different reaction: “Make friends with problems in […]

Reverence – It Comes from Love (Mike Van Vranken)

Reverence – It Comes from Love

Our society seems to have lost the sense of reverence—reverence for the person who is our boss at work, our employee, our supplier, or our customer—but especially, reverence for God. We can define reverence as the manifestation of that attitude of deep respect for someone or something that is coupled with awe or veneration or […]

How Your Gender Affects the Workplace (Jory Fisher & Jennifer Miller)


Research shows that while the majority of women work outside the home, they still continue to do double the housework and twice as much time caring for the children as their working husbands. This is a reality that totally explains how we find many women living with a Super Woman Complex. Because women tend to […]

Listen (Brett Beeson)


In a blatant “riff off” of my pastor’s latest sermon, let me explain the basic premise of his message: Pastor Steven speaks with a young man who had been turned-off by his experience with “the Church.” “I don’t like the Church,” the youth declares. “Well, what type of church do you not like?” the pastor […]

Use Your Passion to Overcome Your Fears Online (Dawud Miracle)


Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan the flames. -Rumi I’d like to fan your flames… Every day you get up wanting to make a positive impact on people’s lives. Your clients get so much out of your work. It’s just you need more of them. You know you need to be using […]

Conquer Procrastination … Permanently! (Guest Blogger Julie Fleming, JD)

Conquer Procrastination … Permanently!

We’ve all been there. You have lots to do. But instead of doing the work on your plate, you find yourself mindlessly checking Facebook, organizing your recipes, cleaning your desk again. Anything and everything (sometimes including productive activity) except the work you really need to do. And you wonder yet again, how did I get […]

Your Brave New Year: Setting Up A Workable Strategy To Reach Hallmark Achievements (Ann Sieg)


We have good intentions. We face the end of the year by reflecting on what worked and what didn’t. We take stock of our shortcomings, shake our heads, and say, “I really need to change.” We give ourselves a huge, fat “guilt sandwich.” Then what happens? Usually, we go for a few weeks, maybe a month. We then […]

3 Signs You Are Positively Engaged at Work (Guest Blogger Dr. Joey Faucette)


“How do you know you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing for work?” the college student asked me.  A middle-aged guy and I had the same discussion recently as he transitions careers. The answer lies in your gut: what you “Believe” about your work, the third core practice of a Work Positive lifestyle. What […]

Powerful Lessons From Bootcamp (Video Post by Guest Blogger Karen Graves)


You are powerful and meant to do great things in your life! That is a fact. So why get caught up in letting others’ accomplishments make you feel less than prepared? Watch this video to learn how looking at others can be harmful to your business (and your health). About Karen Graves Karen Graves is […]

Being Used For God’s Purposes (Guest Blogger Karen Graves)


How are you being used for God’s purposes? At a church pool party a couple of years ago, one of the children in the congregation had a near fatal drowning incident. As you can imagine it was traumatic for all involved. As scary as it was, it was proof positive of the power of God […]