Your Brave New Year: Setting Up A Workable Strategy To Reach Hallmark Achievements (Ann Sieg)


We have good intentions. We face the end of the year by reflecting on what worked and what didn’t. We take stock of our shortcomings, shake our heads, and say, “I really need to change.” We give ourselves a huge, fat “guilt sandwich.” Then what happens? Usually, we go for a few weeks, maybe a month. We then […]

3 Signs You Are Positively Engaged at Work (Guest Blogger Dr. Joey Faucette)


“How do you know you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing for work?” the college student asked me.  A middle-aged guy and I had the same discussion recently as he transitions careers. The answer lies in your gut: what you “Believe” about your work, the third core practice of a Work Positive lifestyle. What […]

Powerful Lessons From Bootcamp (Video Post by Guest Blogger Karen Graves)


You are powerful and meant to do great things in your life! That is a fact. So why get caught up in letting others’ accomplishments make you feel less than prepared? Watch this video to learn how looking at others can be harmful to your business (and your health). About Karen Graves Karen Graves is […]

Being Used For God’s Purposes (Guest Blogger Karen Graves)


How are you being used for God’s purposes? At a church pool party a couple of years ago, one of the children in the congregation had a near fatal drowning incident. As you can imagine it was traumatic for all involved. As scary as it was, it was proof positive of the power of God […]

Which Roadblocks Could Keep You From Success? (Jory Fisher)

Roadblock to Success

Let’s assume you already know your God-given purpose and you’re living in line with your core values. Awesome. To joyfully pursue your most purposeful path, you also need to know which roadblocks could keep you from success! You must be keenly aware of those potential barriers so you can pro-actively prevent them from blocking your […]

Living Your Purpose: How to Align Your Inner and Outer Worlds (Audrey Seymour)


Do you have an inspiring vision for a purposeful business, but can’t get the momentum to fully live it? Are you caught between conflicting needs for freedom and discipline, or fear you’ll be inadequate? The secret to making a difference in the world is to align your own inner and outer worlds. Inner alignment comes […]

Living Empowered (Carlton Wilborn)


If you are serious about proving the vastness of your potential, and are ready to sample a comprehensive and innovative strategy to take your self-awareness and succeeding to the next level, then join Carlton Wilborn as he introduces his I AM Empowered mind, body, and spirit personal transformation program. In this special episode Carlton with […]

Promote Yourself with Confidence, Grace and Ease (Ginny Robertson)


Self-promotion is a “must do” for successful entrepreneurs and career women. However, depending on our background, it can be one of our biggest stumbling blocks. Maybe you grew up hearing that it’s not polite to talk about yourself or to brag, or that girls were to be seen and not heard. Now you’re all grown […]

Do Your Life Boldly (Diane Markins)


Most of us are living lives that are fairly unbroken. We work, worship, play, and love. We manage households and try to squeeze in a teensy bit of time for self-care…fitness and recreation. If we’re very determined, we might even have a meaningful, purposeful pursuit on the horizon. Perhaps like you, Diane Markins found herself […]

Are You Ready for Success? (Loren Fogelman)

Loren Fogelman

Why do some people struggle where others succeed? Loren Fogelman, founder of Expert Sports Performance, will reveal breakthrough strategies shared by highly successful individuals. Talented people hold themselves back from reaching their full potential and don’t understand why. With small changes it can all be turned around. The plan is to work smarter, not harder, […]