[ONLINE] Advance Your Business, Life, and Career During These Challenging Times

Businesses are slowing down, and for a lot of people, sales are drying up. There’s no time to waste with so much on the line.

We need solutions now. We need a proven action plan to implement right away to save everything we’ve worked for.

That’s why my friends Cheri Tree, Esther Wildenberg, Mamie Lamley, and Stephanie Bonte-Lebair are bringing Cheri’s best and most impactful business-boosting material to this life-changing, 4-week Masterclass. For free!

They’ll share high-impact, actionable, proven tactics, and strategies such as:

How to protect, empower, and maximize the most valuable asset you have right now: your mindset.

How to increase your sales by up to 300%, even during these crazy economic times.

How to connect better with your current clients so you can keep your existing revenue and increase the value of those relationships.

How to discover new and exciting opportunities to generate revenue from home, 100% online.

How to keep your team and colleagues inspired to work hard for your organization’s goals.

The Masterclass will be held August 6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th at 7pm Eastern. All classes are recorded for registrants who can’t attend the live webinars in real time.

Reserve your seat for all four classes now!

This class could save your business, your relationships, and your career during these challenging times.

Register Here –> https://codebreakertech.com/masterclass.html/ref/report


Aug 27 2020


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

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