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Hunting for Acorns

Hunting for Acorns (Jennifer Miller, LPC)

I grew up as a Grade A certified people pleaser. I needed praise like that prehistoric squirrel in Ice Age needed that acorn. I was hunting for acorns, doing everything I could to receive positive, … [Read More...]

Are You Called To Be a Leader?

Are You Called To Be a Leader? (Jory H. Fisher, JD, PCC)

Are you called to be a leader? I didn't say "organizer," "facilitator," or "coordinator." I said, "leader." Has God Called You To Be a LEADER? I've never asked my friends why, but many Christian … [Read More...]

How to Overcome Obstacles to Build Your Business

How to Overcome Obstacles and Roadblocks to Build Your Business (Julie Fleming, JD)

At base, there are only two blocks to building a business: lack of planning or lack of action. Without planning, your action will be random, and random action yields random results. Not a great way to … [Read More...]