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Let another praise you

How Does Your Bio Read? (Mike Van Vranken)

My client was writing some biographical information for his LinkedIn page. But his heart felt uncomfortable as he declared: “I did this and I did that.” He looked at me and said: “Let another praise … Read More »

ray of light in darkness

Timeless Truth: Find the Light in the Midst of Darkness (Brett Beeson)

We live in a harsh world. I open up al-Jazeera or BBC News, and the headlines report a terrorist attack on tourists in Tunisia, deadly assaults in Syria, and the rising victim count from a plane crash … Read More »

film photos 003

How Do You Want to Be Remembered? (Rev. Carol Pazdersky)

Over the years, I have sat with people as they transitioned from this life, presided over their funerals, and listened to the memories of their grieving family and friends. Often the memories bring … Read More »