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We Need Each Other (Brett Beeson)

Need … it’s such a scary word, isn’t it? We, as Americans, generally don’t like to admit “need.” We are strong! We are strong, we are resourceful, we are resilient and self-dependent. We pull … Read More »

Press On

Determining Your Goals (Mike Van Vranken)

Over the years, I have attended and facilitated countless “goal setting” meetings and sessions. In addition, I have purposely set personal goals to lose more weight, get more sleep, save more money, … Read More »

American Goldfinch

The Care and Feeding of You (Rev. Carol Pazdersky)

Being a pastor is the most humbling and rewarding call I can imagine. To be invited to share in the deep moments of life — the joys and sorrows, the victories and the defeats — with those I serve is a … Read More »