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The solution to procrastination? Awareness and discipline

The Solution to Procrastination? Awareness and Discipline (Guest Blogger Julie Fleming, JD)

This is the fifth in a six-part series on the causes of and solution to procrastination. I’ve previously addressed how your fears, feelings, knowledge, and beliefs can lead to procrastination, posts … [Read More...]

Victory to Despair to Faith

Do Good: Generosity is Good Business (Guest Blogger Rev. Larry Davies)

Ed worked for many years as a night watchman at VUMAC, a conference center in Blackstone, Virginia. Several years ago he opened The Acorn, a coffee shop inside the same building. The Acorn provides … [Read More...]

Five Secret Questions the Positively Successful Ask Daily

Five Secret Questions the “Positively Successful” Ask Daily (Guest Blogger Dr. Joey Faucette)

While studying Great Depression businesses created by successful entrepreneurs, I discovered five core practices that were daily habits for them. They asked themselves five questions daily that … [Read More...]