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A Do-Over

A Do-Over (Mike Van Vranken)

I was in my mid-twenties and only with the company for a few years when I was given a large advertising project to complete. My specific mission was to arrange for the printing of tens of thousands of … [Read More...]

Boundaries Like a River

Boundaries Like a River (Jennifer Miller, LPC)

I recently found myself sitting along the bank of a river, mesmerized by the sound, the movement, the artistry in which the water progressed downward. It is hard for me to experience such a thing and … [Read More...]

Leaders, Be Humble

Leaders, Be Humble (Jory Fisher, JD, PCC)

If you want to make a meaningful, positive difference in the world... Leaders, Be Humble If you want to deepen your own relationship with God... Leaders, Be Humble If you want to grow in grace, … [Read More...]