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Missing Person Found, Part

Missing Person Found, Part Two (Julie Holzmann)

So how was I able to become a missing person who was found? By becoming a leader of my life and making a decision to do whatever needed to get through. The process to get better took time. I Peter … [Read More...]

Missing Person Found

Missing Person Found, Part One (Julie Holzmann)

I was a missing person. Due to a mix-up at the apartment complex after a cross-country move, my husband and I were not able to settle in as expected. When my parents couldn’t reach us, they reported … [Read More...]

Is there room in your heart for God to answer your prayers?

Faith, Forgiveness, and Answered Prayers (Mike Van Vranken)

Today’s workplace has changed in so many ways from those of the past. But in many ways, it is very similar. For instance, since that first person at the dawn of history decided to be a business owner, … [Read More...]