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You’re Right – You’re Not Perfect

You’re Right – You’re Not Perfect (Jennifer Miller, LPC)

I want you to stop and consider your shortcomings. Sounds like a weird way to start a blog, I know. But it shouldn’t take you very long. We are usually painfully aware of all our flaws and failures. … [Read More...]

But what are we grateful for?

Grateful Hearts (Mike Van Vranken)

Our world tabulates success in many ways. As Christians, we know true success comes when we keep Jesus present and active in our work life as well as other areas of our lives. At the same time, we … [Read More...]


Listen (Brett Beeson)

In a blatant "riff off" of my pastor’s latest sermon, let me explain the basic premise of his message: Pastor Steven speaks with a young man who had been turned-off by his experience with “the … [Read More...]